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If you are willing to walk a few hundred meters from Sunshine Park there some places that can keep you interested, fed or drunk most of the time. Otherwise, our park borders two bus lines that can lead you to every other place in the Algarve


O Fogueteiro Cafe Bar

A friendly, clean cafe with great wine and spirits selection. Sandwiches and toasties are served all day long with daily lunch specials being traditional Algarvian feijoadas (stews)  or meat dishes. Open every day from 7am until 10pm. It is located next to a Galp petrol station with an ATM. It is 1.6 km distance from Sunshine Park so if you want to torment yourself by walking,  you can certainly do so. Otherwise, you might consider driving instead.

Zé Dias Restaurante

A local favorite for its wide selection of grilled meats and fish, and large wine selection. A definite destination for an evening meal during your stay. The place also has something you won’t find in any rural area of the Algarve: a discotheque. It occupies the second floor and is quite popular on a Saturday night

O Caldeirihna Bar

Yes, there is actually a bar there and it is the closest amenity to Sunshine Park…just 500 meters away. You can have snacks and drinks there from 9am to 9pm and then stagger home. The proprietor and his wife also cook meals if you call them a couple of hours ahead of time. They do good things like grilled chicken or pork belly and fresh salads.  Notify Sunshine Park staff and we’ll set it up for you.


Loulé - São Brás de Alportel

Two of the most popular interior towns in the Algarve.  Each are exactly 5km from  our bus stop. Loule is far bigger with its old town, unique produce  and fish market as well as a massive city park and sports facility. From Loule you can catch buses to every part of the Algarve. In the schedule to the right, the stop you are interested in is FONTE DE APRA.


Sunshine Park to Estoi / Santa Barbara de Nexe


There are hundreds of excellent walking trails (percursos pedestres) all over the Algarve. They always take you to the best sights of any given area such as local chapels, water wells, springs, sceneic overlooks and ancient paths between rock walls. Two fine trails exist near Sunshine Park: The one for our little village of Gorjões; and one 1.7Km down the motorway in São Romão. Both are lovely ways to see local nature and villages.

Trails Here Are Like Treasure Hunts

All the trails here are marked with the same four red and yellow symbols you see on the left. They could be on a rock, a wall, a telephone pole…anything. But don’t let your guard down at any time! These trailblazers here are sometimes sneaky. Sometimes a marker is not where you think or want it to be. Sometimes it is farther down the path and you think to yourself at that point, ‘Well, I’m lost. So how do I now create a lawsuit against Sunshine Park over this?!” Don’t give up! Finding the markers is all part of the fun.

Gorjões Trail

Like all good trails it passes by a little igreja (church). The Igreja Matriz de Gorjões is 500m south of the Park entrance. You go down there and look around for a marker. Wait for it….wait for it….you see it now? Well, there you go. You’re on the trail. Enjoy!

São Romão Trail

The São Romão trail is one of the best in the Algarve with intimate little paths, windmills and fantastic scenic views. It is located 1.7km to the east of Sunshine park starting, you guessed it, in front of the Capela de São Romão (Chapel of  São Romão). Since the trail itself is about 8-9Km in length (if you choose to do the full trail), we’d say it is in reasonable walking distance from Sunshine Park. There’s a nice information board at the church explaining the route and all the things and wildlife to see.



The newest Algarve aire offering quiet tranquility in natural surroundings. Large shaded pitches offer a variety of choices for your stay. Make your reservation now!


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