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There are hundreds of excellent walking trails (percursos pedestres) all over the Algarve. They always take you to the best sights of any given area such as local chapels, water wells, springs, sceneic overlooks and ancient paths between rock walls. Below are 8 walking/cycling trails for the Central Algarve representing the Concelhos of São Brás de Alportel and Loulé. These are the closest marked trails to Sunshine Motorhome Park. We have even created and marked yellow shortcuts to two of them to provide our guests easier access. We hope you take the time to see some of the beautiful scenery and culture these trails provide.

Click on the blue trail heads in the maps below to see precise locations and pictures. Read detailed documents about each trail below and take your phone with you to use our precise maps while on the trail so that you will always be on the right track.



Trail Name

Length of Trail

Distance From Sunshine


3.3km 0.6km

São Romão

9.3km 2km


7.8km 4.2km

Vale do Alportel

6.6km | 7.2km | 14.5km 7km


4.1 10km


8.9 11km

7 Fontes

8.7 11km


5.3 14km

Trails Here Are Like Treasure Hunts

All the trails here are marked with the same four red and yellow symbols you see on the left. They could be on a rock, a wall, a telephone pole…anything. But don’t let your guard down at any time! These trailblazers here are sometimes sneaky. Sometimes a marker is not where you think or want it to be. Sometimes it is farther down the path and you think to yourself at that point, ‘Well, I’m lost. So how do I now create a lawsuit against Sunshine Park over this?!” Don’t give up! Finding the markers is all part of the fun.

Gorjões Trail

Like all good trails it passes by a little igreja (church). The Igreja Matriz de Gorjões is 500m south of the Park entrance. You go down there and look around for a marker. Wait for it….wait for it….you see it now? Well, there you go. You’re on the trail. Enjoy!

São Romão Trail

The São Romão trail is one of the best in the Algarve with intimate little paths, windmills and fantastic scenic views. It is located 1.7km to the east of Sunshine park starting, you guessed it, in front of the Capela de São Romão (Chapel of  São Romão). Since the trail itself is about 9Km in length (if you choose to do the full trail), we’d say it is in reasonable walking distance from Sunshine Park. There’s a nice information board at the church explaining the route and all the things and wildlife to see. We have created a special short cut for Sunshine Park Guests. Follow the yellow line and click on the yellow markers for photos. You can read an official description of the trail here and see a detailed feature map here.

Amendoeira Trail

A well-marked trail that is all nature and water features. There is a cafe at the trail head when you’ve had enough. Use the suggested yellow shortcut for Sunshine Park guests. You can read an official description of the trail here.

Vale de Alportel Trail System

In the valley of Alportel is a  vast system of three interconnected trails letting you choose your own preferences for the day. All trails start in front of the church and the first mark is around the corner at a tunnel under the road. These trails represent the tracks of the Muleteers who went about harvesting cork. And one of the first things you will see are the magnificent old-growth cork forests. Possibly the finest in the Algarve. The three trails are the Alcaria Track, 6.5km (yellow); the Varzea da Cova Track, 7.2km (orange); and the Ribeira de Alportel Track, 14.5km (blue). You can read an official description of the trail here and here.

Fonte Benémola Trail

The Fonte (spring) of  Benémola flows year-round from the Querença – Silves Aquifer System – one of the largest such aquifers in Europe. Along the trail is exotic flora and fauna as well as a nice park by the fonts. You can read an official description of the trail here and here.

Querença Trail

The Querença trail starts in the lovely town square where two great restaurants lie. Along the trail are water features and ancient works and cobblestone paths. You can read an official description of the trail here.

7 Fontes Trail

The 7 Fontes trail connects with the Fonte Benemola trail. As it name implies, you will pass by 7 working wells that you can pump for fun. You can read an official description of the trail here.

Tôr Trail

The little hillside town of Tôr begins this trail which winds through riverine settings, vineyards and across the ancient Roman bridge over the Ribeira de Algibre river. You can read an official description of the trail here and here.



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